Experienced, diligent, attentive and a great eye for detail. They are some of the operative words associated with the Langwell Harper Advocacy team. We are here to help you find your next dream home or investment.

The team will walk you through the process of purchasing a home, ensuring the emotion of the transaction does not get in the way of the practicality and the process. Analysing current market trends and having the knowledge and awareness to apply the correct strategy to ensure you as the client get value for money and time in each transaction.

We offer our advocacy services to various locations within the inner city suburbs of Melbourne and its surrounds, having advocated on properties across Boroondara, City of Yarra, Darebin, Stonnington and Manningham along with many other municipalities. Our clients range from astute investors seeking a good performing investment property, those looking for the family home, downsizers who are conscious of price and the quality of facilities within the area, as well as first home buyers seeking sound independent property advice. We are very deliberate, impartial and cautious in our approach to buying real estate.

We have been offering a one stop shop service for more than 35 years, so why not be represented by professionals that offer a seamless experience ensuring the best result for you.

The Process

Initial Strategy Discussion

Identification of client requirements:

  • Budget
  • Property attributes/characteristics
  • Location
  • Financial Parameters
  • Time frame

Tailored Presentation/Brief

  • One of one brief, customised to the clients needs.
  • Commencement of assignment

Property Search

  • Properties sourced through a network of agents/developers
  • Client requirements communicated
  • On and off market opportunities selected
  • Shortlisting of suitable properties

Due Diligence

  • Appraisal of property
  • Property report
  • Contract Review
  • Building and pest inspections
  • Independent rental appraisal (investors)

Negotiation / Auction Bidding

  • Negotiation of terms and conditions
  • Preparation of purchase strategy
  • Negotiation or auction bidding
  • Contract execution

Post Purchase

  • Coordination of post-sale process
  • Final inspection
  • Property manager selection and handover (investors)


If you do not believe you require all the steps above, we are still happy to assist you using a customised package suited to your needs.