Why Choose Langwell Harper

Aside from the targeted marketing strategy and subsequent negotiation expectations that are being met by most agents, we understand that selling real estate is a significant decision which requires open communication, a true understanding of your requirements (seeing that no two property transactions are ever the same) and attention to detail to ensure the maximum result with a minimum of stress.

Above all else ‘’Experience matters.”

With a wealth of experience, we personally will be handling the sale from start to finish to ensure consistency and transparency throughout the process.

We have worked for the larger volume based offices and whilst they were able to offer volume based practices and teams of people acting on your behalf, we quickly realised that the personalised aspect of the sale quickly diminished along the process to that of an everyday transaction which should never be the case since all agents agree that selling is a serious decision.

Unlike the larger offices our recommendations and report will focus on specific aspects of the sale and a personalised service throughout the entire process.

Langwell Harper predominately sells on behalf of our existing client base to ensure that the level of service remains the same irrespective.  We tailor our volume of Auction campaigns at any given time so as to devote our full attention in meeting your specific needs.  As also mentioned, we act on behalf of legal representatives selling Estates and assisting Executors with these type of sale transactions which require a different level of service including independency and an unbiased approach which is not often the case with local franchises.

Our main focus is personalised recommendations, ongoing assistance to suit your needs, tailored marketing and communication as the key aspects that have our sales division performing at over 95% success at Auction.  Unlike most high profile agents, we will only recommend the Auction process if it is absolutely suitable in meeting your needs and maximizing the market price.

Langwell Harper is committed to providing you with a uniquely personalised service to ensure that the maximum outcome is achieve with as little or no stress as possible.